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Canada and the United States: Two Separate Countries, Part XVII

Think the “Beyond the Border” Canada-U.S. joint security arrangement will do anything to improve the two countries’ overall trade relationship, beyond the direct effects of the agreements’ provisions (provided they’re not overridden by Congress)? Think again: Canada plans to fight … Continue reading

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What border-security agreements can and can’t deliver

According to the Globe and Mail, Canada and the United States have reached an agreement on that border-security deal they announced back in February. Interesting that the agreement will likely be announced almost 10 years to the day that the … Continue reading

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Hyperbole-free copyright reporting: It can be done!

We have a winner! Tannara Yelland sticks to the facts and contributes some original reporting that captures the complexity of the Access Copyright situation without vilifying anyone (h/t Geist). Good stuff. Kudos to Yelland and the Canadian University Press for boldly going where … Continue reading

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The dismal state of the copyright debate

I really have to get back to writing proposals and journal articles, so I’ll keep this brief. Just last week I was hoping that the Globe and Mail (or some paper, any paper) would do some actual reporting on the … Continue reading

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The spread of copyright norms: Evidence from Sweden

Yet more evidence, via Wikileaks cables, of another country’s decision to acquiesce to U.S. copyright-reform demands. This time it’s Sweden, and the cables reveal a virtual checklist of demands, including the prosecution of the owners of the Pirate Bay. An … Continue reading

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Moral-rights justifications of copyright: It’s always about the money

One of the most fascinating things I found in my study of copyright policy in Mexico was the odd way in which Mexico’s traditional approach to copyright as an author’s human right (in the Continental European “moral rights” tradition) supported … Continue reading

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So why did Canada cave to the U.S. on copyright?

If there were any remaining doubts about the role that the United States has played in convincing Canada to change its position on how to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization Internet treaties, last week’s dump of the remaining (unredacted) … Continue reading

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