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Copyfight: The global politics of digital-copyright reform

It’s the final day of Research Week here in the Orangespace and I thought we’d end it with an announcement. I’ve been a big fan of the word “copyfight” ever since I heard Cory Doctorow (I think it was him) … Continue reading

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ACTA comes to Canada: Will protests follow?

On Friday the Conservative government introduced legislation that would implement the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (h/t Geist). Four quick comments: The government’s being a bit sneaky with its briefing materials. C-56 primarily amends the Copyright Act and the Trade-marks Act, but … Continue reading

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Copyright turmoil: freedom of speech trumping protection arguments (except in Canada?)

It’s been a busy few weeks for copyright policy around the world, hasn’t it? Latvia, Poland the Czech Republic and – isn’t this something – now Germany have refused to sign the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), although Germany is only … Continue reading

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All politics are domestic, oil and copyright edition

I see that Howard Knopf is wondering if the passage of Bill C-11, Canada’s latest kick at the copyright-reform can, will be affected by the Obama administration’s decision to delay any decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline until 2013. Michael Geist, … Continue reading

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Bill C-11 and digital locks: The National Post comes out swinging

Shorter National Post: Banning the breaking of digital locks, as the Copyright Modernization Act proposes, has little to do with copyright and impairs individuals’ private-property rights. That’s about 100% correct. It’s a bad proposal that has little, if anything, to do with … Continue reading

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Canada’s copyright reform bill: Desperately seeking economists (and evidence)

Even though this is nominally a blog about copyright, and even though much of my work to date has focused has concentrated on the Canadian copyright policymaking process, I haven’t felt much of a need to post anything about the … Continue reading

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In praise of evidence-based copyright policy

When I started studying copyright policymaking several years ago, what surprised me most was the the almost complete lack of empirical evidence underlying both existing copyright law and copyright-reform proposals. I’m talking about impartial economic analyses of the effects of … Continue reading

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