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What would copyright law look like if economists held the pen?

So yet another study finds that there is a small, positive correlation between illegal downloading and music sales (h/t Geist, Knopf, Torrent Freak and others). In basic English: Illegal downloads don’t harm music sales. Let’s put it even more simply: At the … Continue reading

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Copyright shapes creation; it doesn’t drive it

I’m only now getting around to Peter Nowak’s provocative post (and its follow-up) about living in a world without copyright. One of the commentators wonders what this would do for creation: “Sure, people will create without IP law, but why … Continue reading

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That Republican copyright critique isn’t conservative: It’s economic

Nice to see that that that Republican memo proposing that copyright be considerably rethought has been getting a lot of coverage. And I’m particularly interested to read an upcoming book that will apparently make the conservative case for copyright reform (h/t … Continue reading

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Does copyright have to be “trade policy”?

Nice to see that my longtime friend Keith Serry has started a law blog focusing on “the business of creative people (and in helping creative people stay in business).” That positive focus – asking how can we help the people … Continue reading

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Spain and the U.S. copyright “bully”: Threats ain’t what they used to be

My Twitter feed has been abuzz over the past week about how the U.S. “threatened” Spain with placement on the Special 301 Priority Watch List in order to get Spain to pass an unpopular law clamping down on unauthorized file … Continue reading

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The Stop Online Piracy Act: History repeating itself?

A little taste of a project I hope to start working on soon, if the funding comes through: As Jessica Litman details persuasively in Digital Copyright, since at least the beginning of the 20th century, the U.S. copyright policymaking process … Continue reading

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