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The global political economy of knowledge: A reading list

…time to reactivate the blog… For the past several years I’ve been teaching a 4th year/graduate seminar on the global political economy. In previous years I’ve taught it as a survey course, an advanced introduction to the various facets of … Continue reading

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Is stronger intellectual property protection linked to “premature deindustrialization”? A thought experiment

Dani Rodrik has a fascinating chart up at his blog that’s got me thinking about the link between intellectual property and economic development, and that it might not be as straightforward as we’ve tended to think. Typically, it’s been argued … Continue reading

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The effect of trade agreements on developing countries’ IP laws

The International Centre for Trade an Sustainable Development and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development have just published an interesting-looking paper that deals with the issue of how trade agreements affect the implementation of intellectual property rights by … Continue reading

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